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What to do First

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1What to do First Empty What to do First on Thu Jul 17, 2008 1:49 am

Ahoy Matey!

. Welcome to the forums for The Immortal Brethren!
This is just reminder of few things to check, before you get started, as an active member on the forums.

  1. Please read the terms of service (agreement).
  2. Did you register?
  3. Did you apply for the usergroups that you should belong to?
  4. Please read the Code of Conduct Forum
  5. Remember to please post topic in the forum to which they belong.
  6. Please noDouble Posts (boosting post count)
  7. Be nice and Have FUN!

Like a Star @ heaven #'s 2&3 may take a day or two (as they need to be approved by admin)or tell me, Bridog, or Morgan

If you feel i have missed anything pm me and I'll add it.
-Thanks pirat

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