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code of conduct for the immortal brethren

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1code of conduct for the immortal brethren Empty code of conduct for the immortal brethren on Mon Aug 18, 2008 8:45 pm

Code of Conduct

1. All members are to help other members in trouble(this is a big reason for a society). No one is to leave any member in a battle or in a dangerous position without first confirming with said member that they are ok, Or face possible expulsion.
2.All members are to produce something and is to share their services at cost plus 10% for upkeep, no gouging other members.
3.All members are to log on to the website and participate in society happenings.
4. Any member that has a problem or discrepancy with another member is to bring said problem to the society leaders, if no leader is available then you should bring it to an agent and said agent will bring it to the next available leader.
5. If it is determined that a member has wronged another member and said member does not make good that member shall face expulsion.
6. All members are to vote on society flags and sails displayed on our site on the potbs site.

1. No one can apply to be an agent of the society under level 37.
2.No one is to be recruited below level 10.
3.All agents it is mandatory to log on to the society web page and take an active part in society happenings.
4.If agents are not active on the society website you face possible demotion.
5.All agents and leaders are to enforce the code of conduct and rules of requirement

1. Don't EVER destroy the society OR else your gonna face KDII for the rest of your life(cause i got a deal with him).
2. DON'T EVER BE BAD TO A MEMBER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
3. Have a good economy or else you'll show the members a bad example
4. Don't threaten Bridog Rackem bad cause he is a good guy and wishes no harm to nobody only KD II.
5. Do what ever you want BUT the following above.

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2code of conduct for the immortal brethren Empty Formuli of Cost + 10%=fair on Tue Aug 19, 2008 1:38 am

It would be impossible to always produce and give to society members items that we will need for free or at even cost. I think selling whatever we make to society members at cost+10% would be fair as it covers the upkeep for buildings. now cost is not just the cost to produce but also should include the cost of items and materials needed to produce.


Produce Smelling Salts(5)
DB 600-630after tax
Tabacco(2)30db on ah
Coffee(2)30db on ah
Game Animals(5)100bd from soc. member
Rum (5) 0bd captured

total cost=790bdfor (5) sold to society(+10%) at 869db for (5)or 164 ea.

You may sell your items on the ah at whatever price you like, I usaully sell mine for the lowest average so that I that my items move quickly.

Et memento delenda Carthago!
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3code of conduct for the immortal brethren Empty Hoist your colors on Tue Aug 19, 2008 1:51 am

For an easy way to vote on flags and sails. I decided to post this link here, click on it, log in and it will take you directly to voting. thanks

Et memento delenda Carthago!
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4code of conduct for the immortal brethren Empty Immortal brethren on Tue Aug 19, 2008 5:48 am


Our society aims to please evryone we are here to help each other in evry way possiable we like to hunt together help each other with economy and sometimes pvp.

Our society is open to evryone of all ages we do not like dicrimination! Evryone in our society is the same and is treated equal.

Ranks are to be earned by trust and how much you help the society out as well as haveing the right stats that are posted.

Our society chat is kept to a clean language with no swearing or racist comments.

Overall we aim to rule THE Carribean.

5code of conduct for the immortal brethren Empty Re: code of conduct for the immortal brethren on Sun Sep 21, 2008 10:10 am

It's as simple as the Golden Rule. I love all Pirates so %*&#$ they had better love Me. To Hell w/ the Nats. Very Happy

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